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Convention 2016 OLFSF

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The socioeconomic conditions of the Communities of Southeastern Liberia (Maryland, Grand Gedeh, Grand Kru, River Gee, and Sinoe Counties) require external financial assistance. While we live in a society where we expect the best for ourselves and our children, we cannot ignore the plight of the suffering children of Southeastern Liberia. The financial situation of Liberia continues to put strains on the local subsections of the country.

The OLFSF Educational Foundation (“The Foundation) is a private, non-governmental entity established for making financial and charitable contributions to the institutions and Communities of Southeastern Liberia. The Foundation will raise funds for the creation of endowment and project funds.

These funds will be used for scholarships, faculty training and advancement, grants to other institutions, and other projects geared towards improving the academic lives of students, faculty and staff of these communities thereby transforming these communities into wholesome functioning societies.


The future of any country is in the class room. Through its inovative education initiative program OLFSF-EF will feed the minds of our youth, helps teachers change the way the students imagine their future

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